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In both Psalm 1 and Jeremiah 17 the Text talks about being rooted in the Word. The image used is that of the Acacia Tree, a tree that sends its roots to water deep under the earth and so is able to grow, even thrive, in some of the most hostile desert; desert where virtually all other plants perish.  To desert people, no tree is more respected or valued than the Acacia for the Acacia provides food and shade in a land that would otherwise burn and consume its inhabitants.   Still today Bedouin in the Middle East consider the Acacia a kind of oasis; a place of shade, rest, and life.  When we dig into Scripture, it shapes us to be Text people.  When we become people of the Text, we become like the Acacia Tree - a place of shade, rest, and life to those around us.  


Eric is a storyteller and founder of The Acacia Project.  He is a film maker, music composer, and children's book author.  Eric studied Bible, Music, and Communication at Hope College, Messianic Judaism at Denver Seminary, and received his Masters of Divinity from Western Theological Seminary.  

Eric has a passion to help people better understand and fall more deeply in love with the Text.  This mission began as Eric realized that people stop reading their Bibles because they don't understand the context of what they are reading.  The details in the Text aren't familiar to the readers because the Bible is a book written thousands of years ago in a place that is unfamiliar to most of us.  When reading the Bible, we either don't know or don't understand the "pictures" that the Biblical writers are using.  As Eric studied the Bible in its context, the words on the pages came alive.  For Eric, it is a tremendous privilege to teach and help others see the "pictures" in the Text.  


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