The Acacia Project’s mission is to provide tools, insights, and resources to help readers understand their Bible more deeply and desire to read it even more.  Many people stop reading their Bibles because the people, places, pictures, and practices recorded in the Text are unfamiliar.  The Acacia Project encourages a love for the Word by exploring the meaning behind those concepts.  Spending time in the Text has the power to transform our lives, helping us become people who reflect God is in this world.


The Acacia Project gets its name from the tree referred to in both Psalm 1 and Jeremiah 17.  The Text talks about being rooted in the Word. The Acacia tree sends its roots to water deep in the earth and is able to grow, even thrive, in some of the most hostile deserts; deserts where virtually all other plants perish.  To desert people, no tree is more respected or valued than the Acacia because it provides food and shade in a land that would otherwise burn and consume its inhabitants.   Even today, Bedouin people in the Middle East consider the Acacia as a kind of oasis; a place of shade, rest, and life. 


Our desire is that each of us becomes more deeply rooted in God’s Word, the true Living Water, in order to become what God envisions us to be; a source of life to a hurting and broken world.




The Acacia Project was formed because of Eric Schrotenboer's passion to help others fall in love with the Bible.  Eric has travelled to the Middle East more than a dozen times, including trips to Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Turkey.  He has had the privilege of walking the land with scholars and archeologists, learning the culture and context of the Bible.  Eric's own understanding and love of the Scripture has been shaped by these experiences.  His desire is to teach others to better understand the Bible by studying it through this worldview.  Eric is currently attending Denver Theological Seminary working towards a Masters of Divinity degree in Biblical Studies and Messianic Judaism.


Eric also owns a production company where he gets to tell stories through film and music.  Because of this, Eric has had the opportunity to work closely with Bible teachers like Ray VanderLaan from Focus On The Family's "That The World May Know" series and George DeJong from Under The Fig Tree Ministires.  He has also served as the Communications Team Leader for the mission organization, Christian Associates International, which has helped to shape his understanding of missional living.


Eric lives with his wife Meredith in Panama City Beach, Florida.


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